The mazer cup international march 2016

The Mazer Cup International Mead Competition 2015

UPDATE: 05/03/2016: 2018 MCIMC Dates - March 15, 16 & 17, 2018 Be there!

UPDATE: 05/03/2016: 2017 MCIMC Dates - March 9, 10 & 11, 2017 Don't Miss Out!

UPDATE: 03/28/2016: Scoresheets in the mail as of Saturday 03/26/2016

UPDATE: 03/31/2016 - Medals and Mazers are in the mail!

UPDATE: 2016 Commercial Producer Competition results here

UPDATE: 2016 Home Producer Competition Results here



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What is Mead?

Mead is the fermented beveage made from honey. There are many styles of mead and many variations on the styles. Fruit mead is a very popular style ranging from dessert sweet to bone dry with a wide variety of fruit used to impart flavor, complexity and integration. Spiced mead is another popluar variation on the basic mead formula and integrates a broad spectrum of spices and spice blends in subtle or pronounced intensity.

There are also meads made in the style of cider utilizing apple juice to dilute the honey to a fermentable state. Wine grape juice is used to make another style of mead which can also have spices added as was popluar in the era of the Romans and Greeks. Mead made in the style of Beer and Ale is called braggot and is becomming more and more popular as the demand for mead grows.

Mead is quickly emerging from the confines of history, renaissance faires, the Mead Hall of Beowolf and the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire as it grows in popularity. Mead is arguably the oldest fermented beverage in existance, and is one of the fastest growing fermented beverages. Mead has gained notice in the media, become familiar in restaurants and bars, and has been embraced by the University of California, Davis at the Robert Mondovi Institute for Food and Wine. Please take a look at the promotional video for the Beginning Meadmaking Course at UC Davis below:

Click here to view the video.

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